Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Free $500 dollars

Do you like to gamble? Do you like money? well I know thats a dumb question.Anyways I found an online casino that actually gives you $500 dollars to signup with them.You get to actually keep your winnings.The only catch is you have to make 100 bets within an hour,and thats easy cause i just kept playing roulettes and only betting a couple of dollars and i won 400 bucks.Everyone knows that these casinos have plenty of cash so $500 dollars isn't shit to them..You can play spades,poker,slots and hundreds of other games with the money..So if I wee you I would try it..Click Here

Friday, May 9, 2008

Click Thru network

Hello everyone I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile.I have been creating my free e-book site the e-station at http://ebookstation.spruz.com check it out it has alot of info and free stuff,but anyways I'll be posting more often.Okay now about Click thru network ..This is a traffic exchange I found in which you can also make money too.It has a 1:2 ratio and it has a pretty good referral plan I've been using it for awhile and I have gotten alot of traffic so if you wanna try it out click shere..TY Mike Brown

Sunday, April 13, 2008

125 exchange

hello everyone, today Im going to tell you about a new traffic exchange I found and is very useful..It's called 125 exchange this exchange has the same idea of spottt and ads flip with a twist.125 exchange lets you create 3 different ads to find out which one does the best then you can work with the one that does the best.you have alot of variety to choose from from what type of catagory you want to advertise in to what catagories advertise on your blog.And to start out with 125 exchange will give you 5000 impressions to get you going,thats a pretty good start.From there on you will get points for every time you show an ad on your blog..All in all this is a very useful exchange and I'll give it a 9 out of 10.ty Mike Brown ps click here to sign up

Monday, March 31, 2008

Traffic Jam

ok everyone get ready to feel to rush of traffic in my new site traffic jam...Its at http://trafficjam.spruz.net .On this site I've made it easier to go to entrecard,sitehoppin,mob hits,link referral,and adbrite all the best traffic exchanges and pay sites are all in one site..check it out!tBrown

Friday, March 28, 2008

Traffic Jam

Hello everyone,as you know I havn't posted in a week.Reason being is that I,m working on a new website called traffic jam.If anyone wants to check it out so far the web address is trafficjam.spruz.net its in the works and it will be a new and easy way to collect entrecard credits.I will have a widget for all the best traffic sites on it and they will be fixed up to get maximum credits on the exchange sites...Sooo if you want check it out and give me some feed back on what you think and any hanges or any features you would like put on it..And if you want a widget of your site on traffic jam I will charge 500 entrecard credits and you will have a widget and your own page of your site on traffic jam.It doesnt have to be a traffic site..Mike Brown

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog Rush

Hey Temple Of Traffic readers I just found a new traffic exchange program called Blog Rush.Understanding how BlogRush works isn’t difficult, although it can be a little confusing initially. Blogrush utilizes a viral concept which operates via a pyramid-style, multi level structure. This simply means that you get more traffic when you refer more people (who in turn refer others) to sign up and use Blogrush.

I would recommend taking a look at BlogRush’s video introduction on the home page to get an good feel of how their network functions. For those of you, who would prefer to read, here’s how Blogrush works:

1. Sign up for a free account and register your blog by submitting your blog feed and picking a category. Place the widget on your blog and 5 links to other relevant blogs will show up within the widget (see my sidebar for an example).

2. Earn one credit whenever a page on your blog loads: this means that your latest post will be shown 1 time on other blogs with the widget. For example if your blog has 100 pageviews, your latest post will be displayed 100 times within the widgets on other blogs.

3. Refer others to sign up and install the widget. The number of pageviews your referee gets will be added to the number of times your blog titles will be shown within other blog widgets. For example, Tom signs up under your referral link and his blog has 500 page views.

This means that your blog title will be shown 500 times on blogs within your category, in addition to the number of views you are already getting for displaying the widget on your own site. This goes on for 10 referral levels.

What is a Traffic exchange?

For all you people out there that dont know what a traffic exchange is I'm going to explain them on how they work, and the advantages, and disadvantages.First of all a traffic exchange is a system built to get people to visit your site.Now one thing about them is most of the exchanges you have to put in work in order for you to recieve traffic which is sometimes referred to as (hits,points,webhits,internethits,link exchange) and so on.If you dont get traffic then your site will be lonely out there in this world of websites.One advantage of traffic exchanges is if you just built a site and you want to get known then you can sign up for Entrecard which is an internet business card you visit other peoples site and drop your business card off on them and most of the time they will check your site out and drop their card off to you.so its kinda like you look at mine and I'll look at yours and the benefit for that is if they like your site they will tell people about it or recommend you or refer you to other people.A disadvantage is some people dont have time to go and visit other sites so on some exchanges if you dont put in any effort then you most of the time wont get seen.But on that note there are exchanges like spottt and ads flip were you sign up and put up a pic of your site and every one time your site gets viewed you get a point and those points add up eventually but they use them points to show your site on other peoples site.Which on spottt its 125 x 125 in size and the code is placed on your sidebar were people can click on the 125 x 125 card and it will take them to your site.So all in all you dont have to put in any effort to be seen.Another site which I think is pretty cool is Site Hoppin.At Site Hoppin you get what they call beer credits which you recieve by viewing other blogs and rating each blog out of a scale of 1-5.I think you get 5 credits for rating each site.Site Hoppin is a browser within a browser so you visit each site with ease by clicking one button on the top left corner of the page.You can easily visit 100 sites in like a half hour or hour.Ok well I hope this post has helped explain traffic exchanges to the people who didnt know about them.If you have any comments about this or questions about traffic exchanges please feel free to type it under this post were it says comment....Thank you you fellow Blogepreneur Mike Brown